About Your Future Energy

It’s not about us, it’s all about your future energy supplies. Assisting you to move to cleaner, more efficient and sustainable energy sources. Helping you to make the right decisions to save money, and to preserve the planet for our future generations.

Your Future Energy was established to assist business and private property owners choose the right combination of energy solutions for their properties.

We recognise each project is different, with its own challenges and opportunities through its location. Also, that with the rapid growth and interest in renewables and single source suppliers it can be hard to establish the best option.

Comprehensive advice and service

Our founders bring over 20 years of energy industry expertise. We believe an independent consultative approach for renewable energies is essential.

Our service assists you from the start to finish to choose, install the most viable combination of energy solutions. We will work with you on specification, design and supply, finance and grants, plus the manufacturing and installation of all power sources. And, we provide ongoing maintenance and support.

Bringing you total peace of mind you have adopted the best, long term sustainable energy sources.

Combining sustainable energy sources

Our unique, holistic approach identifies the best options of renewable energy sources, and how these can work together as the most cost-effective sustainable solution for your property.

Our ethos is to advise which energy technologies and installations are a possibility, maximising your property’s situation.

If you are by the sea, it may be solar and wind. If you are deep in a forest it may it may be hydro, heat pumps and biomass energy. Whether domestic or commercial your result will be the most efficient energy sources for your property.

Want to know more about the energy technologies we use?

We can help to advise you on the best potential solutions, and can assist you with initial planning, all the way through to installation and servicing.

Domestic New Build

Domestic Retro Fit

Country Estate