Domestic Retro Fit

Whanau Farm Boiler Close Up
Private Country Estate
28th October 2016

Domestic Retro Fit

Solar Panels On a Garage Roof


  • To remove an old oil-heating system
  • To reduce the household heating and electricity costs as much as possible


Installation of a new air source heat pump (ASHP) system to cater for all heating and hot water requirements within this newly renovated older property. Two solar PV systems were installed (11KWp) to maximise the house and garage's southerly facing aspect. Excess electricity is stored in Tesla battery storage units for use at night time or during power cuts.

The Details

  • Project Type: Domestic (retro fit)
  • Technology: Air source heat pump and solar PV
  • Location: Hampshire
  • System Size: 16KW
  • Additional Works: Underfloor heating and a back-up system for solar PV.
  • Cost of Installation: £16,000
  • Bill Saving (P/A): £960
  • Income (P/A): £1,800
  • Payback: 5.8 Years
  • ROI: 17%