Funding & Finance

Renewable energy installations can be expensive and some times out of reach financially, however, in the long term they make both financial and ecological sense. This often therefore becomes a stumbling block for many potential projects. Your Future Energy have therefore obtained access to a number of different funding/financing options to assist our clients to bridge the financial gap in order to fulfil their need or desires to carry out their renewable energy project.

We work with a variety of difference finance and funding companies to offer a finance package to suit your project. We can offer the following finance solutions:

  • Personal finance for small domestic installations
  • Asset finance for commercial installations
  • Part funded finance (through 3rd party investors), enabling you to obtain a percentage of the government grant funding whilst also sharing the capital outlay
  • Fully funded financing (through 3rd party investors) where the whole cost of a commercial renewable system can be financed by a 3rd party, enabling you to be ‘green’, reduce your fuel bills and have a fully maintained system without any upfront capital investment outlay

Funding options vary widely between projects, so please contact us for more information so that we can advise on options that may be open to you.