Switch to renewable energy

The are a vast range of renewable energy technologies. And a growing desire to move to sustainable power supplies.

We can help you navigate through the choices. And advise if a combined solution is the best option for your project. Whether it is a business, health care unit, leisure or domestic property.

Our services are set up to help steer you to the right energy sources, find the right grants and sort the design, installation and maintenance.

Where to begin?

More and more people are looking to reduce their fuel bills and do something for the environment, in the face of global warming.

The UK government are seeking to achieve a 15% reduction in CO2 emissions by the year 2020, and 80% by 2050! To help achieve this the government has a number of grant incentives to assist people to switch to renewables. The grants are designed to pay for the investment over a set period of time. And they can be a good investment vehicle giving a year on year Return on Investment for either 7 years, for domestic installations, or 20 years for commercial installations.

Integrated Bespoke Builds

Custom energy systems made using the most methods most applicable to you

Heat Pumps

Taking energy from the ground or air to produce heat from pipes in the ground

Biomass Energy

Taking energy from burning wood (from a sustainable source) to generate heat and hot water

Solar Power

Taking energy from solar gain from the sun to generate hot water

Hydro Power

Using the power of running water to convert in to electricity

Wind Power

Capturing the power of the wind to convert it in to electricity

Anaerobic Digestion

The breakdown of organic materials into methane, carbon dioxide gas and fertiliser

Non Renewable Energy

The burning of fossil fuels, such as oil or coal, to produce energy