What is Biomass?

Taking energy from burning wood (from a sustainable source) to generate heat and hot water. Different fuel sources can be used. Most common are wood pellets. However, where properties have their own fuel source, wood chips or logs can also be used.

Biomass boilers have been used in other parts of the world for decades. It is only recently that they are becoming more commonplace in England. They are a well-proven and reliable heating source and can be used on a huge range of projects ranging from small single domestic dwellings to large commercial and industrial projects where multiple boilers are linked together producing heating and hot water or a variety of applications and properties.

Where are biomass boilers installed?

Each project is different. However, typically biomass boilers would be installed in larger, older properties (or collection of properties connected via a district heat main system). A country estate, multiple farm buildings or office blocks that are not connected to the natural gas network.
Each project is different. However, typically biomass boilers are installed in residential properties that are older and poorly insulated (no cavity wall insulation or loft insulation, single glazing). Properties tend to be more rural where the only other options would be bottled gas (LPG) or oil.

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