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Go green with Your Future Energy and discover how you can save both money, and the Earth!

Feasibility & Planning

We will carry out a site visit and take an initial survey. From this, we will put together an overview regarding all viable options and an initial estimate on your preferred solution that suits your goals and budgetary requirements best. We will assist by building the business case for the project.

Design & Financing

We can assist you in both the mechanical and electrical design of your new system, and we can help you to find funding to carry out the project if needed!


We can assist in the installation of a range of systems, including bespoke builds. We also provide commissioning certificates, allowing you to claim the RHI and FiTs (where applicable).


We can provide full support, maintenance and ongoing servicing for all of our projects.

You have the Power

Switch to renewable energy today to start saving on your power and heating tariffs

The cost of fuel, whether running a home or a business, is becoming of greater concern to more and more people. Prices on the whole are only ever increasing and therefore the cost of running properties is also going up, and the utility section seems to be increasing percentage wise over the overall costs. Technology is also improving. Traditional gas and oil boilers are getting more efficient and renewable technologies are getting more common, more efficient and more affordable which is all fantastic news for the consumer! However, how do you know what system is right for you and who do you ask for advice? If you go to a traditional company that installs traditional technologies then clearly they will be biased to the products they know and understand. If you go to a new renewable energy company, their opinion is likely to be different. So who do you believe?

Your Future Energy has it covered! The founders of the business have come from two different directions - traditional technology and renewable technology. Having both prospectives in-house means that as a team we only have one goal – to find the right solution for you and your property requirements.

Your Future Energy is here to assist you in your journey to becoming more environmentally friendly, whether that is installing more efficient traditional technologies, or renewable options – or in many cases, a mixture of both! Whether your project is for a small residential property, multiple properties, a large commercial or industrial property; Your Future Energy will be able to guide you through the decision making process to ensure you end up with the right solution, right products, installers and financiers (if necessary) to maximise your project's opportunity.

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